How to open locked car door when keys & remote left inside?

Tipped by: Deadly Tips on 2009-10-07
Assume you have left the keys inside the car and it has been locked now. You cannot open the door of car without using the keys or remote control which you have left inside. The spare set of keys and remote control are at home which are miles away from where your car stands now.

Do you think of any ways to open it?

There indeed is a way which has worked for many people in various regions.

Your mobile phone can act as car remote control.

Not that your mobile has set of secret codes for that, but there is a workaround.

Call to your home where you have left your spare remote control. Keep the call on and ask your mates at home to operate the remote control to unlock the car door. It works and your car opens. In most of the test cases with various networks it has been tested and works fine. Hope you can pass on this tip to all friends who own a car and a mobile phone.

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