Never leave water in washing machines

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Its a very bad practice by many washing machine users observed especially if the machines are of semi automatic type. Let us see the disadvantages of leaving washing machines with tub filled with water.

1. Wash tub

Leaving water in wash tub increases the load on the machine body, motor housed below the tub and the pully may sometime lose alignment in long run. If there is any leak in machine body, it can cause short circuit.

2. Spin tub

Spin tub contains a buffer which uses araldite (a special type of water proof adhesive). If the water is stored in spin tub all the time, even the strong araldite adhesive can lose its power and opens some space for water leakage to the motor which is placed exactly below the spin tub. Any water leaked from spin tub reaches the spin motor to cause short circuitry inside the motor.


If the machine is kept in drain mode for water outflow without letting down the outlet pipe for flow of water, it can make the water to fill into the spin tub which again leads to problems as discussed in second case.


Note: This tip does not apply for automatic washing machines as most of them automatically control water inlet and outlet and users are not allowed to do it manually.

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